MGB Roadster Racer

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Local enthusiast saw a MGB Roadster Racer for sale – really good bodywork but in bits, just need to put it together! Exchange of money and delivery from north Scotland to Hinckley and in the sober light of day the enormity of the task becomes apparent. The buyer approached us to rebuild it for him, so we accepted the challenge and set to work.

Several boxes of bits, engine, gearbox, suspension already fitted, what could go wrong?

MGB Roadster Racer

First task to fit fuel tank, pump and fuel lines. Only problem no tank, no pump. On list to be bought. Next brake hydraulics. Nice new reel of copper brake pipe but no screw-in connectors, no rear 3 way junction and no front 4 way connector. Also put on list. Luckily rear drums and cylinders are fitted ok, but front calipers seem to be on upside down (and on wrong side). No flexible hose at rear.

Wiring fits ok, but all switches in dash crumble due to age. No wiper motor or mechanism. More for the list! No heater box or fan. We do as much as possible while we wait for the parts.

Time to check the engine.

MGB Roadster Racer

Engine number shows it to be North American. Off comes the head and we see a blown gasket across cylinders 1 & 2. Underneath this the block and a deep score also going across cylinders 1 & 2 – block is basically scrap.

MGB Roadster Racer

Replacement engine now needed. However we continue with cylinder head only to find after cleaning a crack between inlet and outlet valves on cylinder 2. Replacement arrives and is checked over, valves lapped, etc. This one is a late 18V type and looks good!

Before engine is fitted to the MGB Roadster Racer the new heater box is reconditioned and fitted, various other engine bay parts also fitted.

New clutch fitted to engine and gear box offered up – surprisingly goes straight together as smooth as silk. Engine hoist connected to top of rocker box and up she goes. After tilting to get gearbox into tunnel all goes well and engine mounts line up.

Engine in and mounts lined up and bolted. Note the old rocker cover used while lifting the engine to protect the new alloy one. More missing parts – distributor, oil cooler, servo bracket. All added to list!

Dash waiting to be fitted – need wiper motor and mechanism first!

Rear gearbox crossmember needs attaching and the engine/gearbox are finally fitted! All that is need is to fit starter, exhaust, carbs, connect remaining wires, radiator and hoses, fill with engine oil and numerous other small tasks and it should start and run!

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